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MauMA – Manifestación de interés
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Yannick Martin, Studio Wha-T, More or less, 2022

Call for proposals addressed to artists, artists’ collectives and designers who wish to participate in the MauMA : Museum of Urban Arts in MArseille.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to identify artists interested in joining the MauMA’s artistic journey by creating an art work located in the Marseille inner harbor area between 2022 and 2026. This call is aimed at national and international artists, artists’ collectives and designers who wish to design and produce an art work within the public space of the territories concerned in Marseille. The artists thus listed will subsequently be solicited in the context of calls for projects.


The different axes – Priming MauMA in 2022


Action 1
Concertation and cultural mediation

Consultation and access to culture, mobilization of inhabitants.

Release of a consensus questionnaire : 5,000 to 10,000 answers expected.

Organization of mediation and information workshops on the project.

Definition of a route and authorisation requests.

Action 2
Insertion by art

Professional integration through an artistic project.

Realization of works in the public space with artists and young people in professional accompaniment.

Partnership with the Employment Centre for the creation of vocational training courses.

Action 3
Living environment

Development of public spaces and facilities : carry out participative artistic creations on or around public facilities and spaces.

Action 4
One site, one artist, one company

Monumental works will be produced with the support of one or more companies in collaboration with employees and / or users. Some of these actions will be conceived during an artistic residency to allow territory research and include inhabitants.

What are the specificities of future MauMA works ?


Pompom, Le bateau sans pétrole, 2022


The works will be visible in the public space and will trace an accessible route, free and open to all.

The works will be located in the territory of the inner harbor of Marseille (2nd, 3rd, 14th and 15th districts).

The interventions will be part of the local, urban, cultural, and heritage context, and will be thought out according to their immediate environment.

The works must fit into the urban landscape of the dedicated territories of Marseille and must clearly specify the theme to which they refer (for example : respect, tolerance, equality, dynamism, youth, etc.). The themes indicated are neither restrictive nor exhaustive.

Artists will be free to use the techniques of expression of their choice but must not damage the places they choose to invest. It can be posters, installations, photographs, mosaics, paintings, graffiti, stencils, land art, tape art, stickers, etc but plastic expression won’t be privileged.


All modes of expression are considered (with respect to the media on which the works will be made).

Some works will include the residents, neighborhood, young people, or other city stakeholders. Public opinion will be taken into consideration via consultation.

Some works will be carried out with a participative dimension allowing the inclusion of people enrolled in a professional integration pathway (initiation, training etc.), these worksites will be accompanied by professionals of the accompaniment towards integration.

The works will be the subject of calls for projects shared as and when authorizations for the provision of walls or public spaces and funding are obtained.


What are the different models of MauMA’s collaboration with artists ?


Work co-produced by the artist (or collective of artists) and MauMA.

Work entirely produced and created by the artist and listed on MauMA’s map.

Work produced by MauMA and designed, produced by the artist.

Pre-existing works on MauMA’s territory can be added to MauMA’s map.

Participation in events related to MauMA.

Organization and facilitation of mediation workshops and/ or artistic practices around MauMA.

Creation of digital tools (mapping, website, applications, etc.) related to MauMA.

Based at Méta 2, the artistic residence aims to create encounters between the inhabitants, an artists, a work and a creative approach based on a strong artistic presence and collaborations with the actors of the territory. The act of creation is inspired by the meeting with the inhabitants and the artwork is codesign with them.

How to answer the call ?


The files are intended to be precise but synthetic documents in order to present the work and the experience of the interested artists.

Respondents will be able then to answer the call for projects shared within the framework of the MauMA in order to specify the work he or she wishes to create. They may also be contacted individually depending on the project.

Documents to be provided :

A biography – 1 page maximum

A selection of 3 HD visuals representative of the artist’s work

An explanatory text of the artistic approach and interest in MauMA – 1 page maximum

The form duly completed

However, if you are unable to access the page concerned, you can fill in the PDF version here and send it to us (together with the documents to be provided) at the following address :

Please write in capital letters, respecting the space allotted for each question. Any answer that does not meet the above criteria will not be considered.